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Franchise Marketing Success

Maximize your marketing spend within a franchise works

We've previously worked with restaurant groups, where each individual restaurant gathers their resources to share office expenses and admin staff, and we can tell you with 100% certainty that it doesn't work. Read more here.

We have compiled a list of reasons why franchises have much more marketing success that are far superior to joining restaurant groups, or individual businesses:

  • Continuity of Brand - support staff have one mission, same messaging, same fonts, logos, pantones

  • Agile - it's so much easier to pivot with the seasons, once a marketing plan is in place, the data around products and services are accurate and can be changed within a quarter

  • Quality Assurance - all locations carry the same products and services, customers can expect the same levels of quality from any location

  • Gift Cards and Memberships - having the ability to offer amenities such as gift cards and memberships across many locations is a great way to improve sales

  • Brand Loyalty - customers come to expect exactly what your franchise is offering, and fierce loyalty is built upon consistent quality

  • Cost Savings - when many locations pool their money through marketing fees, the Franchisor can stretch those dollars much farther than a separate business can. The outcome of the marketing is far reaching when there is a budget for local, regional and national campaigns.

  • Brand Protection - an individual franchisee, or franchise manager, cannot make their own marketing campaigns, there is a familiarity of the brand that cannot be changed because the Franchisor has the experience and means to create an effective branding strategy

  • Strategic Partnerships - big companies, names and influencers are more apt to collaborate with a franchise rather than one business because of the dollar spend and the larger audience that the brand has on all platforms

  • Comprehensive Reporting - when a franchise controls all marketing platforms, it is so much easier to collect data for each location. Having one large online identity on each platform is efficient and accurate. The franchisor will create Google Businesses and Facebook Business Profiles for each new location that they can update with accurate information and professional imagery.

  • Centralized support - there are so many digital platforms that need to be maintained and print work that has to be created, it is a huge relief for franchisees to leverage that type of marketing as it is costly and time consuming when trying to do it on your own

Franchise Marketing Success - a happy franchisee can dedicate their time with customers rather than sitting behind a computer all day


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