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Franchise Development

Customized franchise strategies that are built to last


We build your brand for replication

At AWAKE Franchise Development

We create the potential for you to earn passive income and build a legacy brand by leveraging your business acumen. We create customized business courses that qualified candidates can purchase to replicate your brand in other popular areas.

Open for business Franchise Development Canada


Comprehensive Franchise Programs


Online Training 

Trackable and Fully Customized

Effective communication systems. Easy to update online manuals for franchisees to work through with trackable results.

Franchisor and Franchisee Intranet Portal Canada
Franchise Sales Canada


Franchise Agreement

Franchise Disclosure Document

We customize franchise legal agreements according to franchise regulations for each province in Canada.


Franchise Lead Generation

Local, Regional and National Marketing

There are two components to franchise marketing, creating leads for your franchise and marketing for your existing franchisees.

Franchisor Development meetings Canada


A Different Approach, Using a New Method of Expansion

It's an opportune time to develop your brand for other areas and create jobs while reaping the benefits of market dominance, franchise fees, royalties and bulk price breaks.

Shopping Mall Interiors


Experience in Numbers


Franchises Sold


Franchises Created


Jobs Created


Economic Gains


Lead Generation

The introductory stage, finding out about you and your business. What your goals for expansion and revenue are.

1. Consultation

Sharing your business success and if your business is a proven concept, that your brand can be replicated in new areas.

2. Due Diligence

We visit your establishment and meet with any of your partners or investors, we work with you in creating your custom program.

3. Tour of Business

After the payment schedule has been approved, we start on the Franchisor intranet that will later include a separate Franchisee training sign-in.

4. Intranet Portal

We add all documentation to your private intranet for easy review and store all documents in one place.

5. Paperwork

Your marketing plan will initially be for the first three franchises, as your network builds, we will add more to your expansion plan.

6. Marketing Plan

Lead generation efforts, also creating the collateral for Discovery Days. Website, trade show booth mock ups, ads, podcast, social media, in-store promotions and PR.

7. Advertising

Pre-qualified candidates will be able to meet with you and review the agreements and financials. We will ensure a positive experience for candidates.

8. Discovery Days

After the due diligence phase has been completed, we will close the sale and notify you that another Franchisee is ready for training!

9. Closed Sales


Successful Franchisor Canada
Franchise Marketing Canada

Smart Strategies for Qualified Candidates

Closing Sales

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